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 stasera alle 19:15 per la latitudine +43

foto del 1 marzo

Elementi Orbitali

Epoca 2013 Mar. 9.0 TT = JDT 2456360.5
T 2013 Mar. 10.16753 TT MPC
q 0.3015430 (2000.0) P Q
z -0.0001135 Peri. 333.65148 +0.41006842 +0.10046872
+/-0.0000008 Node 65.66583 +0.90782996 +0.05059256
e 1.0000342 Incl. 84.20686 -0.08768502 +0.99365307
From 1273 observations 2011 May 21-2012 Oct. 1, mean residual 0".4.

THE MAGNITUDE OF COMET PAN-STARRS: “There seem to be a lot of pictures, but a shortage of magnitude estimates for Comet Pan-STARRS,” says Richard Keen, professor of atmospheric sciences at the University of Colorado. “I saw it for the first time this evening, and got a magnitude estimate before the comet slipped behind a narrow cloud bank.” Keen is an expert observer of astronomical brightness, especially that of lunar eclipses which he uses to study aerosols in the stratosphere. “The comet is magnitude +0.2 with a short, but bright vertical tail. It was quite visible to the unaided eye. After the [head of the comet] set behind the mountains, the tail was visible for two or three more minutes.”

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